Bennie Sonsang

For the last several years, I have received a Father's Day card from County Attorney Bennie Sonsang. The card states, “Studies show that children who receive financial and emotional support from both parents do better in school and life.” A few years back I wrote his office asking if a similar card stating the same thing was sent to Spring. It took some persistence but eventually his office stated that no, such cards are only sent to fathers not mothers. Furthermore, his office stated that the cards are sent to fathers without regard to custody arrangements or who provides financial support for the children.

Given that custody for my children is joint (although in actuality the boys are with me more) and that I not only provide 100% of support for them but also provide massive amounts of money to Spring, despite that fact that she is perfectly able to earn just as much as me according to the vocational evaluation, this felt like a slap in the face. On top of this, Spring committed fraud and perjury and her lawyer Nelly WInce as the evidence clearly shows, knowingly lied in court, I asked Sonsang to send a card to Spring with the same statement as he sent to me. A statement, by the way, that I wholeheartedly agree with. I also sent him all the evidence I had and asked him to investigate. Sonsang at first avoided my letters and later used what I can only describe as obstructionist tactics but I am anything if not persistent.

I used to like Sonsang and even voted for him. I thought he as a “good guy”. But I was wrong. Sonsang has tried to make a name for himself by going after people who exploit women, especially children, in the sex trade. He aggressively prosecutes the perpetrators. I doubt anyone would not support Sonsang in this. The problem is that Sonsang focuses on prosecuting such scum mainly because it is politically advantageous to him. When it comes to prosecuting, for example, priests that sexually exploit children, Sonsang has a very different view. Songsang was raised Catholic and the Catholic Church is a powerful local institution. In this area Sonsang has been slow and reluctant to file charges. This has outraged Catholics like myself as well as prominent district attorneys across the country who have prosecuted sexual abuse by priests. Lately, as the scandal has blow up, he has changed his tune a bit and started some investigations. When a county attorney, and in Minnesota the county attorney is the chief law enforcement official in the county, selects what to prosecute based on perceived political advantage that is not only wrong but could be considered criminal corruption.

So I guess it is no surprise that Sonsang refused to investigate Nelly Wince or the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, as they are his colleagues, and Sonsang once even worked at the same firm as my lawyers, in a system that has provided him with not only his income but political support. What is surprising, is that he was willing to put so many self-incriminating statements in writing. Perhaps the best way to understand my frustration with Sonsang is to punish the last letter (sent in June 2014) I sent to him. His office has not responded to this letter in the four months since I sent it.

Update (March, 2016) - Over the last few years I have had numerous communications with Mr. Sonsang's office. It is now clear to me that he has criminally conspired to cover-up crime. He remains very popular; however, chinks in the armor are starting to appear. Most notably surrounding false evidence in his much publicized effort to prosecute sex-traffickers. In 1972 Richard Nixon was reelected president by a landslide margin. Two years later he resigned in disgrace for covering up criminal actions. Mr. Sonsang should study history more. 

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