Monday, June 30, 2014

Players - Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board

I have added a page on the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board in the Players section. I may expand it later.

It could be argued that the legal system is inherently just but as happens in any organization there are a few bad apples and I was just exceptionally unlucky in dealing with more than my fair share of these bad apples. The actions of Lawyers Office of Professional Responsibility, however, makes it very clear, painfully clear, that corruption is institutional and rampant in the divorce system, at least in the County where I reside.   

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rational vs. Gullible

Jayne O'Donnell had an through-provoking article titled, "Voices: Inflating stories about victims," in USA Today recently. The article highlights the danger of blindly believing sad or heart-wrenching stores without rationally analyzing them. Too often swindlers use such stories to fraudulently extract money from people. Not only are they criminally taking money from the victims but they are depriving legitimate charities and those they serve, who have a true need of assistance, by diverting money from good causes to line their own pockets. Add they hurt everyone due to that the fact that the swindlers, by living a parasitical life, contribute nothing to the economy and thus burden everyone else with supporting them. Want lower taxes? Get rid of the swindlers.

And how is this different from what Spring and Nelly Wince did? Answer: It's not.  Spring and Wince from the beginning went down this path. They lied about me being abusive, lied about Spring not being able to find work, lied about Spring's relationship with the children, and lied about how much housework she did. At the temporarily hearing Judge Vaguely initially gave Spring temporary custody of the children. He didn't even talk to the children but just took her at her word.  It wasn't until the custody evaluator's investigation was complete, and he talked to the children, that this was changed. The only difference from the scams detailed in O'Donnell's article and what Spring and Wince did is that those in the article have been punished. Spring and Wince got away with their scam. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Players - Jon Wurst

Back to the bad. I have published a page on my senior lawyer, Jon Wurst in the Players section. Although certainly not as bad as Nelly Wince, Jon is a person seemingly without much of a conscious.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Players - Robert Sturdy

In honor of Father's Day I have published a page on Robert Sturdy in the Players section. Sturdy was one of the very few decent people involved with my case. 

The boys are still sleeping as I write this but I know they have something planned for me today that deals with food as they told me yesterday to not look in the freezer. The boys and I have always enjoyed cooking to an extent and this has expanded since Spring left. Okay, maybe I do most of it but they do enjoy it! Not that the food is fancy but it is creative in its own way. I take a great pleasure when they ask for scones in the morning or tell their friends that our homemade salsa is the best. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ethics Alarms - Unethical Rationalizations and Misconceptions

Ethics Alarm had a great (and long!) list of rationalizations and misconceptions people use to justify unethical actions.  As I have stated before, very few if any people think they are bad no matter how bad their action are. They just rationalize their bad actions away. Not deluding yourself with rationalizations is a key part being a good person. 

Ethics Alarms is an interesting site. Their mission is to examine ethical situations and problems in many areas and professions especially, not surprising given that it was founded by a lawyer, in the legal realm. Note that the homepage contains a good list of ethics sites. Check them out.  

Patent Trolls - a Glimmer of Hope

I have commented on patent trolls before as I believe their extortive patent lawsuits are, like the our family law/divorce system, an area of rampant injustice and criminal activity within our legal system. And like the divorce system it seems for every two steps forward there is 1.9 backward. A post I wrote on a recent setback in the U. S. Senate was also the subject of an article. The article contains a quote by Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Ramierz which gives me some hope:
"[f]laws in the patent system are likely fueling much of the real costs associated with PAE [PAE = Patent Assertion Entity = Patent Toll] activities. ...effective monetization of low quality patents imposes a de facto tax on productive economic activity with little or no offsetting benefit for consumers. High litigation costs add to the problem by allowing PAEs to coerce targets to pay license or settlement fees that are detached from the economic value of the patents at issue. In short, PAEs exploit underlying problems in the patent system to the detriment of innovation and consumers."
Recognition of the problem is the first step. Justice can only be achieved, whether in the divorce or patent systems, if people understand the reality and extent of current injustice and the horrible human and economic costs of such corrupt behavior. This site exists to bring to light such corruption. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Alimony Reform in New Jersey

It looks like New Jersey is making some  progress on alimony reform. Like Minnesota, New Jersey is a state with very antiquated alimony laws - laws that which only benefit the bad.

Players - Spring (Updated)

 I have updated the page on Spring in the Players section.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Divorce From Hell

‘Divorce from hell’ began with $5,400 monthly alimony offer, ended with $1,500 installments
case is nearly as bad as mine. I say nearly as both Spring and Nelly Winces's wrongs were far greater and my result far worse. I do think the more articles like this that make it clear that the divorce system needs to change, the better off our society will be.