Sunday, November 27, 2022

Family Court Judges: Cannibals Of The Courts

The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts has a really interesting article about family court  judges.

Somehow in the mountains of literature written about family court aberration and dysfunction, the voices that are missing are those of the executioners: the men and women in black robes. Those who speak out about the need for “reform” in family court seem to believe that these judges are not active entities, participants, even prime movers in the corruption.

Perhaps the reformers believe they cannot speak about the judges because judges have “absolute immunity.” That is, they are unaccountable. But their “absolute immunity” leads to a code of conduct that in no way, shape, or form is related to ethical work.

Judicial immunity leads to all sorts of bad behavior by judges. Where there are no strong checks on abusive behavior, such behaviors becomes institutionalized. 

One of my pet irritations in life is when the legal system complains about judges being overworked. Baloney. Most judges, at least in family court, spend as little time in court as possible and rely on clerks or often whichever lawyer in the case they like to write their opinion. Often they don't even read the material in the docket. 

Ignoring the issues of power and money, directed by dangerous unethical authorities in control, is to abandon hope and allow the lives of protective parents and their children to be destroyed.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Where Have All The Men Gone?

There is a distinct lack of men in Russia these days. Where have they gone? It is no secret. Hundreds of thousands have been mobilized. To date over 300,000 have become casualties, including over 75,000 dead, in Putin's disastrous and immoral invasion of Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands more have fled the country because they do not want to fight or are agaisnt the war. Of course the ones who fled tend to be the better educated ones. Russian women complain about the lack of good men to date. 

All of the most reasonable guys are gone," said Tatiana, a 36-year-old Muscovite. 

Somewhat counter-intuitively there has been a marriage boom in Russia. The explanation for this is simple. If you are in a relationship and get drafted, it is beneficial to marry your girlfriend so that she gets spousal compensation when you are killed. Cold logic. 

If women were required to do military service the same as men, I wonder if there would be any wars. Men are often considered disposable. A son, husband or father who dies in battle is a hero. A daughter, wife or mother who dies in battle is a tragedy. Tatiana above wouldn't be worried so much about finding dates if she was drafted herself. 

Sunday, November 13, 2022

"IsA" Voting

Unfortunately, in elections there are many races where the incumbent has no challengers. The only option if you do not like the candidate is a write-in. In the election this week where I live not a single county judge had an opponent. Nor did John Choi in his bid to be reelected Ramsey County Attorney.  

I voted write-in candidates for three offices including county attorney and a judge.  In two of those elections, the incumbent ran unopposed.  Why? Because I simply can't vote for criminals

In essence, my vote was a protest vote. Now I could have written-in "Mickey Mouse" or my last dog's name but instead I used what I like to call the "IsA" method. Here is how it works:

  • Rather than John Choi for county attorney, I wrote in "Choi IsA Crook".
  • Rather than Mark Ireland for county judge, I wrote in "Ireland IsA Crook".

It puts a smile on my face. Humor is the best way to cope with adversity. 

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Rule Of Law

Rule of Law is the basis of our legal system. Rule of law means the law applies to everyone. It applies to the President, it applies to law enforcement officers, it applies to legislators, it applies to judges, it apples to lawyers. Everyone. 

Unfortunately, this ideal has never quote been achieved in the U.S. We have many people who believe they are above the law, notably including our former President. Also, it seems, lawyers in Ramsey County Minnesota.

When a county does not have rule of law, equally and justly applied to all, the population loses all respect for the law and you end up with situations like this:

Contrast that with a county where rule of law works pretty well.