Friday, March 31, 2023


Contrary to what many people assume, pro-female and anti-male biases are more influential than race and other factors in Implicit Association Tests according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

New research provides evidence that people generally have a positive implicit bias towards women and a negative implicit bias towards men, as well as a similar but less consistent implicit bias in favor of people from higher social classes. But the new research, which examined data from nearly 6,000 individuals, found inconsistent evidence for implicit biases based on race.

Unfortunately, bias has been one of those issues where politics wins out over facts. As I have often argued, the fact that our political and industry leadership is heavily skewed to men is an objective measure of discrimination against women. But it is also true the fact that our military and civilian workplace deaths and injuries happen mostly to men is an objective measure of discrimination against men. Both are true. We need to resolve both or we will not have equality.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Anton Lazzaro Update

Top Republican fundraiser and operative Anton Lazzaro is currently on trial for sex trafficking of minors. Lazzaro was arrested last year for running a prostitution ring for the politically powerful and rich in Minnesota. His main recruiter was Gisela Castro Medina who was head of student republicans at a University in St. Paul, which is the state capital. 

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, who has a self-appointed mission to fight sex trafficking, seems to have completely missed the Lazzaro ring despite it happening right under his nose. Of course, Choi only likes to prosecute the poor and politically insignificant not heavy hitter rich politicians. The Feds are the ones who finally brought Lazzaro to justice Maybe they will do the same to Choi. One can only hope. 

Saturday, March 18, 2023

The New Yorker On The Murdaugh Murders

The New Yorker had an interesting article titled, " The Corrupt World Behind the Murdaugh Murders." Alex Murdaugh was recently convicted for the murder of his wife and son. The amazing thing to me is just how long a so-called prestigious family legal dynasty could operate so corruptly.  

How did they get away with it? Well, first and foremost they were lawyers. I know what it is like to be threatened by a lawyer for speaking the truth. (which is why I do not use my real name on this site) Apparently it takes a horrendous murder or two before anyone notices just what a crook you are if you are a wealthy lawyer. 

Yes, there are good lawyers but even the good ones share at least some blame for turning a blind eye to the crimes and misdeeds of the bad ones. Their own legal code of ethics states they must report violations of the code but this almost never happens. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Equality Better For Both Women And Men

Unsurprising to me but perhaps to some are the results of a new study finding greater gender equality helps both women and men live longer.  

To me this is obvious. For women having education, access to healthcare, and the opportunity to pursue whatever career they want leads to happier and healthier lives. 

For men, the more equality, the less they have sole financial responsible in raising a family and the less they are required to do all the dangerous activities in life. This greatly reduces stress. 

For both men and women not excluding half the population for any activity leads to better results whether that be raising kids or defending the country. 

Saturday, March 4, 2023

District Attorneys (warning bad language)

An interesting article on Medium discusses just how important and detrimental to justice district attorney offices are

The main gist of the article is the fact that lawyers in the district attorney's office are rewarded for convictions which leads them use all sorts of unethical techniques to get plea bargains out of the people.  Indeed, often the attorneys will be fired if they do not achieve a set percent of convictions. 

Note in Minnesota district attorneys are called county attorneys. 

The office of the District Attorney is notoriously without accountability.

In theory, the main District Attorney is accountable to “the people,” because it is an elected office.

In practice, however, what the fuck does the average person know about their local District Attorney? Does the average person even know their name, let alone the school of prosecutorial thought they ascribe to?

The idea that their office is being held accountable by a group of uninformed, faceless citizens without the access they would take to assess their performance, is laughable at best.

In Conclusion

Actively participating in a world of incentivized convictions and psychological trickery designed to scare people away from their constitutional rights, is nothing if not deeply and unforgivably corrupt.

I agree district attorneys are probably the biggest cause of injustice in our legal system. They do not prosecute bad lawyers and judges. Many choose who to prosecute based on their own whims which is often driven by political aspirations. Justice is rarely an important factor for them. 

For information on how Ramsey County Attorney John Choi illegally operates see: