Friday, January 27, 2023

Males Are Victims Of Sexual Predators Too

Although most people think otherwise, men are also victims of sexual predators.  And is case you are thinking male predators, although that happens as well, I am talking about female predators.  

We are so ingrained into thinking that only men can be predators that it warps our reality.  

Woman can be violent as well. In fact, at least half of all violence committed in relationships is committed by women against men.  

The overall data showed 70.7% of non-reciprocal intimate partner violence cases were perpetrated by women only (74.9% when reported by men; 67.7% when reported by women) and 29.3% were perpetrated by men only (25.1% when reported by men; 32.3% when reported by women)

In the media, or even on commercials, if a woman hits a man it is funny, if a man hits a woman it is sexual violence. Violence is wrong no matter who perpetrator is. 

A similar situation used to, and sometimes still does, exist with race. If a white man tells a white girl she looks pretty, it is a compliment. If a black man says the same thing, it is a terrible offence. He could be lynched for such an offence. 

There is a good Reddit discussion on the issue

Change happens slowly.  

Monday, January 23, 2023

Male Inequality

Most people have trouble have trouble admitting male inequity exists. Why? Because they are under the mistaken impression that male inequality somehow makes female inequality less bad. It is similar to when in an argument one person states something unrelated in response to another person's criticism.  Imagine a couple where one says, "You snore!" and the other replies, "Well you're a slob!"

I am a very science orientated person. I like facts. I like evidence. I like logic. Inequality which harms females exists. So does inequality which harms males.

Boys and men are falling behind. This might seem surprising to some people — and maybe ridiculous to others — considering that discussions on gender disparities tend to focus on the structural challenges faced by girls and women, not boys and men.

But long-term data reveal a clear and alarming trend: In recent decades, American men have been faring increasingly worse in many areas of life, including education, workforce participation, skill acquisition, wages, and fatherhood.

Friday, January 13, 2023

AI Lawyers

For the first time an AI lawyer will help defend a person in a case. This is great! Hopefully, one day we can have court cases using only AI lawyers. That may be the only way to clean up the legal system. Not to
mention bring the costs down to something fair and reasonable. Or even free. One can hope.

There is an interesting Slashdot discussion on the article you might want to check out. 

Friday, January 6, 2023

Dad Deserves Credit For Trying

In an effort to fight sexism in Ecuador, a man changed his gender to improve the odds of getting custody of his daughters. RenĂ© Salinas Ramos claims his daughters were were living in an abusive environment with their mother. Ecuadorian law give preference to women for custody. Which is blatantly sexist I may add. 

Some people are upset by the move but you can't fault the guy for doing whatever it takes to protect his daughters. 

See the Reddit discussion on this for some interesting views.