Friday, August 23, 2019

More on Family Court Corruption

Stephen Krasner has a well-written article, A Broken System: Contempt of Family Court, on family court corruption and just how pernicious it is to society.

My believe is that family court has become one of the best places for those who lack a moral compass to operate. This includes litigants, lawyers, judges, mediators and a host of others who financially benefit from what is clearly criminal activity.  Why? Because the reward is high, the risk of being caught is vanishingly small, and the societal prestige great.
Family Courts display true clashes that pit the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law — in a manner that tears parents lives apart, harms children and financially ruins so many people while sustaining a thriving, corrupt and lucrative system.
The institutional corruption is a more mechanical environment that many players operate within and manipulate. The individual corruption is where players are willfully engaging in unethical motives — knowingly gaming the vulnerabilities found within the court’s infrastructure. 
Both types of corruption operate and thrive in family court environments as well as those industries and services stemming off them.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Male Victims of Domestic Violence

There is an insightful article on male victims of domestic violence over at Family Court Corruption.
One in four men (compared to one in seven women) experience “severe physical intimate partner violence,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And this doesn’t include verbal or other forms of abusive behavior. The Mayo Clinic has also written about domestic violence against men.
I am one. I have a permanently shifted septum from Spring striking me in the face that has caused me no end of issues.
It has been estimated that 85 percent of protective orders are entered against men, with most being used tactically to get the upper hand in a divorce. Aside from the effect that these orders can have on child custody, property division, and payments to an ex-wife, men who are innocent are stigmatized and records of these orders can be found by employers or when looking for a job.
Me too again! Spring and her lawyer concocted a story about me being abusive. A story which Spring later completely contradicted when testifying on the stand. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Family Court Corruption in Georgia

One of the sad facts about family court corruption is just how pervasive it is across the country. To be sure, there are some areas where it is better but many, like in Ramsey county Minnesota where I live, are truly cesspools of corruption where crime is openly rewarded.

Georgia, at least in parts of it, appears to be just as bad as Minnesota.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Inflammatory Rants

One of the major difficulties in talking about family court corruption is that people who understand it often get frustrated with those who do not believe how bad it is no matter what the evidence. Perhaps a good analogy would be a German or Iraqi trying to convince people how bad Hitler or Saddam Hussein was at the height of their popularity. People just assume it cannot be that bad. Sure there are issues but such incidents are just bad luck or one offs, it doesn't mean the whole system is corrupt. So they say.

Which brings up the question, what does it mean for a system, as opposed to some individuals within a system, being corrupt? There is no hard definition but my take is that when criminal and unethical behavior become the norm then the system is corrupt. In family court perjury happens in the vast majority of cases and family lawyers regularly commit crimes and flagrantly break their ethical rule.  This happens to such an extend it is difficult to believe that a family lawyer would not realized this even if he or she acts above board. (which leads to the tricky question of whether knowing about crime and doing nothing about it a crime in itself)

Bruce Eden is an obviously frustrated person going on a bit of a rant on how bad it is. Because it is a rant, many will dismiss it. I am sure many thought the same regarding rants against Hitler and Saddam.
More than $100 billion is spent on divorce and child custody matters annually. It costs the public over $20 billion for false allegations of domestic violence which occur in over 80% of all divorces. Family Courts cause death; 20,000 men/fathers are committing suicide because family courts prevent them from seeing their children without cause or unlawfully arrest them in civil matters for support. It is institutional killing of children and parents.