Sunday, July 29, 2018


Well this is just great. First I read a fascinating National Geographic article on sleep science that explains the latest research on why we sleep and dream. But then I read an article on why not getting enough sleep is so bad for you.

I used to be a pretty good sleeper. Now, although I am in bed close to 8 hours per night, I tend to wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning. But I guess given how much I have been harassed, bullied, lied to and victimize by crime, that isn't entirely unexpected. I suppose the bright side is that I have become much more empathetic to the oppressed around the world.  I can commiserate with with their experiences is a quite visceral way. Every night.

The question is how much longer can I keep it up without it killing me.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Family Court Corruption

Most people do not understand how corrupt family court often is. Here is a great explanation from a few years ago of an actual case.

I think judges and lawyers who act corruptly should not only have to reimburse their victims for losses but have to pay an amount equal to what the court ordered the victim to pay.  Sadly the system is so corrupt that even with absolute evidence of crime, such as I have with Nelly Wince, there is little hope the guilty will be brought to justice.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

California Alimony Reform Petition

If you live in California, take a look at this alimony reform petition. I doubt it will pass but the more people who sign it the better chance we have to move society in a more just and fair direction. The petition states:
Remove unlimited jurisdiction by the California Family Law courts over long term Marriages with no children. One spouse should not be eternally responsible for the other once a divorce is final. End family law jurisdiction at 5 years, no matter the length of the marriage.
Some of the comments are quite poignant:
Twinkle Tuttle from Harbor City, CA
Jul 3, 2018
"I cannot seek a divorce from my unemployed abusive husband as I can't afford alimony and 2 residences." from CHULA VISTA, CA
Jun 28, 2018
"There should absolutely never be a thing called "permanent alimony". Half the time of any marriage no matter how long it was is more than enough time for the other spouse to become self supporting. In my very strong opinion should NEVER be over 5 years alimony. Every individual should be able to fend for themselves after 5 years maximum alimony. Permanent alimony is absurd and unjust. How can the other party ever move on with their lives?? Another spouse should not be able to take advantage of the system more than 5 years max and really it should be at 15-20 years and not 10. Think about it...California is the "only" state with such a ridiculous long term wrath and abomination of one party."
Although I will point out that it is not true that California is the only state with such a ridiculously long term for alimony. Minnesota is every bit as bad. 
Neal Hoskins from Imperial beach, CA
Jun 28, 2018
"If you get divorced why should anyone pay the other forever"
Zlatin Dimitrov from Livermore, CA
Dec 22, 2017
"If in a country where you can let go of your kids when they turn 18 years old and not be obligated to support them financially, why would you need to support an grown up adult person."

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Online Reviews of Law Firms and Lawyers

It has always been really hard to write online reviews of lawyers and law firms. Angie's List does not allow them for fear of being sued. Many other sites have similar policies. Even those that do not, will often remove a negative review when requested by a lawyer or law firm for the same reason. I have had my review of Nelly Wince at Avvo removed. Which really make you question whether Avvo has any legitimacy at all.  (rather like the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board)

Lawyers claim that an bad review can ruin their business so they need protection. Why that would be true for lawyers but not plumbers, electricians or anyone else is beyond me.

But there is hope. In California, the court has ruled that Yelp can’t be ordered to remove negative posts concerning a law firm. This is small but encouraging step.