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Divorce/Alimony Reform Movements

Due to antiquated laws and the arbitrary nature of alimony awards, several national and state reform movements have been started. Given that most western democracies have divorce laws that are far more equitable than those in the United States, we are well behind in this area.  Massachusetts is the state that has made the most, albeit quite modest, progress.

National Divorce/Alimony Reform Movements
Divorce Corp - Divorce Corp has a movie and book of the same name and they hold various conferences on divorce reform. Their method is to document experiences (usually bad) people have had with the divorce system.
Families Civil Liberties Union (FCLU) - fantastic site and one that is in near 100% agreement with my views.
National Alimony and Family Court Reform
Alliance For Freedom From Alimony
National Parents Organization (NPO) - Advocates shared parenting, parental equality and respect for human and property rights. 

State Divorce/Alimony Reform Movements
California Alimony Reform
Connecticut Alimony Reform
Florida Alimony Reform - Family Law Reform, Inc.
Florida - First Husbands Advocacy Group - Another Florida group
Maryland Alimony Reform
Massachusetts Alimony Reform
Minnesota Alimony Reform - Unfortunately no longer active
New Jersey Alimony Reform
New Jersey Women for Alimony Reform - NJWAR
New Jersey - Progress NJ
Ohio Alimony Reform
Oregon Alimony Reform
South Carolina Alimony Reform2nd Wives Club of South Carolina
Utah Alimony Reform
Vermont Alimony Reform,  Facebook page
Virginia Alimony Reform

Blogs/Divorce News/Alimony News/Other

Dr. Helen Smith's blog -  Often addresses the effects of discrimination on men.

FAQ on American Judicial and Legal Corruption - A pretty depressing site by Dr. Les Sachs about corruption in the legal system. Although Dr. Sachs generalizes a bit too much for me,  I find myself more and more in agreement with him.  

Family-In-Law - Michael Boulette, a Twin Cities attorney, writes about family law in Minnesota, nationally and even internationally. Boutelle's site is very informative and his comments are thought provoking.

Structured Settlements  - I am not sure how many people have structured settlements but if you do this site has some information regarding how to handle them when going through a divorce.

The Love and Iron Project - Lots of good information. Although there have not been many posts lately some are still getting comments.

Real World Divorce - Great online book about the reality of divorce.

The Unknown History of MISANDRY - Huge and fascinating, albeit somewhat odd, site on the history of misandry - the hatred of men. Lots of information on unethical and criminal behavior in the divorce system.

Using Google and Google News (e.g. Google News Alimony Reform) to search for specific topics is probably the best way to stay informed on current divorce and alimony news.

Divorce/Alimony Discussion Sites

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