Friday, August 27, 2021


A bizarre sex-trafficking case has come to light in Minnesota. Anton "Tony" Lazzaro a top Republican operative and fundraiser as well as close associate of Jennifer Carnahan, the now resigned Republican party chair, has been arrested by federal officials on sex-trafficking charges. Also arrested was Gisela Castro Medina, the 19 year-old head GOP chair at the University of St. Thomas. Median has been accused of recruiting girls, often underage, for Lazarro. 

Oddly, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi who has made sex-trafficking his signature mission seems to have totally missed the Lazzaro ring despite it happening right under his nose. Possibly that is incompetence but I have my doubts. Given that Choi clearly committed obstruction of justice when I presented evidence of a crime by a lawyer to him, I have no doubt he would cover-up or at least ignore crimes by the politically powerful as well. 

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