Why DivorceInjustice.org Exists

This site, as the name suggests, is about injustice within the divorce industry in the United States, specifically, but not exclusively, in the state of Minnesota. Using my ex-wife's divorce suit against me as the central story, I will provide a narrative and in some cases clear evidence of what I believe is unethical, immoral and criminal activity which is not only tolerated but rewarded by an institutionally corrupt legal system.

Although I will not hide the pain I have gone through, this blog is not being written to get back at or hurt anyone. Quite the contrary it is being written for two primary reasons. One, to clean up the divorce industry. The divorce system in the United States operates in a manner completely at odds with the ideals of the county and often contrary to existing law. In my experience, lying by litigants and lawyers is rampant in the courtroom and often rewarded even when clear evidence exists that statements made were false. Judges all too often rule based on how well they know the attorneys rather than the merits of the case. A responsible, moral person has almost no chance when faced with an adversary that has no such scruples. Even if one is not outraged by the sheer injustice of the system everyone should be incensed by the cost. I often wonder if we would even have a budget deficit in this country if the divorce industry operated ethically and in accordance with the law. Quite simply, the system needs to be cleaned up as it is poisoning our country. It harms us morally, politically and financially. Without rule of law, our country simply will not survive.

Additionally, I do hope that this site and my case will serve as a resource for law school ethics professors. If discussions regarding my case can inspire those entering the legal profession to act ethically and according to the law then some good will result from this tragedy.

The second reason I am writing this blog is as an aid to those contemplating marriage. It is hard to not be idealistic when one is young but people do change and often for the worse. I encourage everyone who is getting married to get a prenuptial agreement. Without it you not only put yourself at risk but any future children as well. I realize that many would be offended at the thought of a fiancée asking for a prenuptial agreement but one should think of it as protection for your marriage. If the financial incentive for one party to divorce the other is gone, divorce becomes much less likely. If irresponsible behavior is not rewarded, then such behavior becomes less likely.

Although not a reason for this site's existence, by its very nature it serves as a memoir, a rather painful memoir, of my experience with the divorce process.

An aspect of this blog that is different from most is that to the extent possible I intend to provide evidence of maleficence and will let the reader judge the morality and criminality of the actions. This site clearly is not just another “he said - she said” rant against perceived injustice. I'll provide evidence where possible and you can determine for yourself if you agree with my conclusions. If your conclusions are the same as mine then I hope that you will give me the benefit of the doubt in areas where evidence is lacking. (and often hard evidence is lacking as bad lawyers are very good at hiding their own and their clients improper and illegal actions) If you do not agree with my conclusions, I welcome your comments as to why.

I will not use my ex-wife real name (I'll call her Spring) primarily because I do not feel using her real name helps with cleaning up the system but also because I do not want to expose my children to unnecessary publicity. Additionally, it is unclear to me how much Spring was encouraged to lie and commit perjury by her lawyer.

I have struggled with the decision whether to use the real names of the lawyers, judges and others whom I believe have committed unethical and criminal acts. As officers of the court lawyers and judges especially have a duty to act ethically and legally and when lacking their actions should be exposed to public scrutiny.

There are two reasons why I believe I have a right to use real names. One is that in the United States we have freedom of speech. Libel and defamation laws also exist but an absolute defense against libel and defamation is the truth. Opinions as well are a protected form of speech. (see: http://www.toplawfirm.com/whatisdefamation.html) I will rigorously strive to only state the truth in this blog. Where verifiable evidence exists I will provide it and the readers can judge for themselves the legality and morality of actions committed. Where hard evidence does not exist, statements made should be considered my opinion.

The other reason I believe I have the right to name names is that Minnesota has what is called an anti-SLAPP law in place (see: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=554) which makes abusive litigation which prevents citizens from participating in government illegal. As this blog's primary purpose is to improve laws and expose where current laws are ignored by the legal system, I should in theory be protected from harassing lawsuits. However I realize the reality may be quite different. Given the evidence I will present of lawyer misconduct, I am not sure that any law would be an absolute barrier to harassing lawsuits. And think about it, I am trying to change the legal system here by pointing out what I believe is unethical and corrupt behavior within the very system that is supposed to uphold justice. Will I receive justice? Time will tell.

Not withstanding the above, for the time being I have decided not to use real names at all. I am less worried about the danger to me than the danger that, however wrong and contrary to the law, that this bog would be silenced via abusive legal procedures. However, I do worry that the effectiveness of this blog in changing the law and enforcing existing statues will be compromised by not using the real names of those who have acted wrongly so I will reserve the right to change this site to use real names in the future. I welcome your input on this matter.

Given that the court has condemned me to what is in essence slavery for the rest of my life (I'm not sure what else you would call being forced to pay spousal support until death), I have little to lose by speaking out. Could the legal system hurt me more? I do not think so but I'll note that I have been warned that exposing corruption within the legal system could bring on strong retribution, possibly including physical assault.  I tend to dismiss these warnings as hyperbole but I do so with a nagging feeling as I have been proven wrong on just how bad the system is many, many times. But even if it came down to that then, in my mind, I have all the more reason to try to change the system for the better.