Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jobian Challenge

At times, maybe when I am driving or out walking, the vileness of what has happened to me hits me hard. I feel an aching void in my chest that seems to consume my soul. It isn't Spring's leaving me that hurts, I am long over that, but the fact that our society not only tolerates but rewards such criminal actions. The people that commit the crimes not only get way Scot-free but are looked up to by their peers as successful. I will never know how Spring, Nelly Wince and Judge Mearly can look themselves in the mirror. Is the money, the control, the power, really worth becoming an evil person? I guess they made their Faustian bargain and will have to live with the consequences. A least I can take comfort in the knowing that I have acted with integrity during my Jobian challenge.   

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