Sunday, August 24, 2014

Older than My Father

26 years ago this month my father died of a heart attack. I am now older than he was at the time of his death.  Furthermore, my paternal grandfather died when my dad was still in high school. My brothers and I have always joked with humorous disregard that the men in our family die young.

On the positive side I don't smoke, have a fairly healthy diet, keep my weight in check and am physically and mentally active. On the negative side, having nearly all my money taken from me via unethical and criminal actions by Spring and her lawyer along with the fact that I have no possibility of retirement other than death adds, shall we say, an element of stress to my life that my father never had.

I do wonder sometimes what would have happened if my father had lived. He was a lawyer who worked a a prosecutor, city attorney and trust officer.  If he were alive when I married Spring I wonder if he would have advised me to get a prenuptial agreement. (I have already advised my eldest, who is now an adult, of this)

I do know that my dad would have been appalled at the actions of Nelly Wince, Spring's lawyer, as he truly believed that rule of law was the key to a stable and prosperous society. During the Watergate scandal, my dad, who was a Republican, viewed Attorney General Elliot Richardson's decision to resign rather than follow Nixon's order to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox as an act or true heroism. The law was sacrosanct for him. Lawyers such as Nelly Wince who subvert the law for their own gain should be disbarred  and face criminal charges. Where are the Elliot Richardsons today?

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