Sunday, October 5, 2014

Power Really Does Corrupt

There must be something in human nature, at least most human natures, that lusts after power and control. There is a well known adage that power corrupts, however, there has always been a question as to whether positions of power tend to corrupt individuals or whether corrupt individuals are attracted to positions of power.

Innovative (and entertaining) research led by John Antonakis at the Université de Lausanne in Switzerland as described in AlphaGalileo  shows both are important but even honest people tend to become corrupted by power. Antonakis concludes, "We think that strong governance mechanisms and strong institutions are the key to keeping leaders in check. Organizations should limit how much leaders can drink from the seductive chalice of power."

Judge Mearly is probably the poster child for this in my case. He is almost a comedic caricature of a power hungry and arrogant judge. His total lack of respect for common courtesy, truth and the law is incredible. 

The lawyers, especially Nelly Wince and to a lessor extent Jon Wurst, are also prime examples of people in positions of power who have no hesitation using it in order to hurt others. In their warped view, trampling others makes them seem more important. But it is the institutions that allow for such corruption that are the real problem. As I have said many times, there will always be bad people. A good society not only has good laws but laws that are respected and followed. That the divorce system, not only allows for but rewards behavior that is illegal and highly detrimental to civil society is the real issue. 

Spring is another example of how power corrupts. I think she clearly wanted to control me (as well as the children) and the fact that I am now legally bound to work until I die for her benefit no doubt gives her great satisfaction. The very fact that she lied, committed perjury and fraud shows just how detrimental power is. The fact that she able to get away with it is sad evidence of just how corrupt our institutions have become.  

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