Sunday, November 16, 2014 – A Six Month Retrospective

As was launched six months ago, I think the time is right to provide a retrospective on progress made and some thoughts on where we will go from here.

I am reasonably happy with the site so far. It was hard to envision how the site would turn out when I first stated it, but I think I hit the right balance in telling my story, commenting on injustice within the divorce industry elsewhere, and advocating for reform. I have hopefully neither degenerated into ranting nor have hidden the reality of what has happened to me, my children and so many others who have suffered due to rampant criminal behavior within the divorce industry. is a hybrid website and blog that in many ways is a story. Stories are powerful agents of change and that is exactly my purpose. All postings and pages serve to support the main goal of the site – justice for all within the divorce system. I have tried to refrain from posting for posting's sake and in this I believe I have succeeded. Unlike many blogs where old postings are no longer relevant, I think this site in its entirety is useful for both those wishing to enforce current law as well as those trying to reform it.

There are of course many things about the site I wish were better. Most prominently is that I wish the writing was better and more polished. I am rarely satisfied with anything I write and should really spend more time reviewing and rewriting but time is a luxury I do not have. I apologize for my many grammatical errors and unclear wordings. I also feel many of the pages could use revision simply because of the passage of time.

The site as it stands is pretty much caught up to the present. It is complete in structure at least until I can think of something else to add. What will the future bring? Time will tell but here are my current thoughts:

Law Enforcement - Continue to seek out a law enforcement agency that will look into my case. I have no intent of giving up on this given the clear evidence of criminal behavior I have seen. I will admit this is a long shot but I feel it is my duty as a citizen to at least bring the evidence I have to those responsible for enforcing the laws. The local county attorney was basically obstructionist but there are other agencies at the state and federal levels. After all, Al Capone was not prosecuted by the Cook County Attorney.

Judicial – It is obvious to me that the judicial system is badly broken. There may be options at the state Supreme Court level where my concerns and evidence can be submitted. As with law enforcement, there is little chance this will lead to anything positive in the short term but at least it makes it clear to those at the top of the judicial branch that unethical behavior by judges and the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board does not go unnoticed.

Legislative – This will be a primary focus going forward. There is a growing movement for divorce reform by states and Minnesota needs to get on board. To date, I have not contacted legislators but now that the site is relatively complete that will change.

Other – Other avenues of pursuit include contacting ethics professors at law schools who may want to use my case in their classes, creating a technical notes page about how the site was created including the tools I used and helpful tips, and maybe, just maybe create a non-profit to advocate for divorce reform in Minnesota. The latter is a step I am very hesitant to do as I am not much of an advocate and I would hate to expose my family to what I am sure would be harsh attacks by those opposed to reform.  

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