Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is Alimony Offensive to Today's Modern Woman or Modern Man?

An article from 2013 in the Huffington Post by attorney Diane L. Danois asks, Is Alimony Offensive to Today's Modern Woman or Modern Man?  Danois discusses the small but growing risk women face now that many are out earning their spouses:
While alimony strikes fear in most men, especially those living in states still recognizing permanent alimony, it is now also a risk that many professional women face when filing for divorce
She also talks about some of the negative consequences of alimony:
Reasons Why Alimony May Be Considered Offensive:
  1. An alimony obligation that forces one party to significantly financially downsize his/her lifestyle, while the alimony-receiving former spouse continues to live at the same standard of living as had been enjoyed during the marriage is inequitable and offensive to the alimony-paying spouse 
  2. Paying alimony to an ex-spouse, who is cohabiting with someone else 
  3. Agreeing to lump sum alimony, and watching your ex remarry shortly 
  4. Alimony quashes the motivation to work and become self-sufficient 
  5. Alimony encourages a "victim" mentality, which is insulting when the recipient is educated and capable of working

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