Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dr. Helen Smith's Blog

I mentioned Dr. Helen Smith's book Men on Strike a few posts ago. Dr. Smith also has blog hosted on PJ Media. PJ Media tends to lean conservative/libertarian but not exclusively. I don't know what Dr. Smith's politics are but her science seems pretty credible, even if some do not like the facts for political reasons.

Which brings up a question I often wonder upon. What do you call people who believe in equal rights for all regardless of gender, race, national origin, or sexual preference - liberal or conservative? Is it conservative or liberal to believe all positions in the U.S. military should be open to women? Is it conservative or liberal to believe that policies stating that men in day care centers are not allowed to change diapers are discriminatory conservative or liberal? I have no idea but I believe that all discrimination based on gender is wrong. 

Back to Dr. Smith's blog. It is a great resource for information on the consequences, often devastating, that result from from discrimination based on gender.  In her case, she focuses on the often overlooked reality of gender discrimination against men. Only focusing on gender discrimination against women addresses only half the problem.

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