Sunday, January 24, 2016

Deadbeat Mom's

Highlighting just how lopsided out judicial system is when it comes to child support, Madam Noir asks, Deadbeat moms? Should Mothers Be Required To Pay Child Support To Their Child's Father? 
According to the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, only 5% of mothers pay child support compared to 85% of fathers. And it’s been reported that in some cases, even if the father is the custodial parent, he may STILL be ordered to pay child support to the mother if he earns more money than she does – but not the reverse.
I am a believer is equality. It is wrong when a woman makes less money than a man for equal work. It is wrong to exclude women from combat positions in the military. It is wrong that only men have to sign up for the draft. It is wrong that 95% of alimony is paid by men. It is wrong that child support laws are not equally applied to both men and women.

Discrimination cannot end without there being equality and fairness. That is the reality. A man who is unfairly paying alimony or child support to a woman can easily rationalize paying his female employees less than his male ones. It is all connected.

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