Sunday, April 10, 2016

Minnesota Alimony Reform Updates

There has been a huge amount of activity with the new Minnesota Alimony Reform organization.

  • Stephen Hitner, the founder of Massachusetts Alimony Reform, came out to Minnesota and gave a really nice and informative presentation. In 2012 Massachusetts enacted comprehensive alimony reform. The law was passed unanimously in the legislature and had, and continues to have, strong support from virtually every interested organization both nationally and within the state. 
  • A bill to termination alimony due to cohabitation rather than just remarriage is well on it's way to becoming the law in Minnesota. The bill has gone before two committees in the House and one in the Senate and was approved unanimously by all three.  
  • The postings on the Nightmare Stories page continues to grow. These often heart-breaking stories highlight just how injust current alimony laws are and the pain and suffering they cause.
Check out the Minnesota Alimony Reform's News page for more updates. 

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