Sunday, May 15, 2016

Minnesota Senate To Vote On Cohabitation Bill This Week

The Minnesota Senate is scheduled to vote on the SF 3420, the companion bill to HF 1333 that passed the House last Wednesday, early this week. The vote was originally schedule for Monday but it looks like it will now be Tuesday.

The bill will allow judges to consider cohabitation (and to be clear this is romantic cohabitation not just having a roommate) in addition to remarriage as grounds to terminating divorce. Given the level of support HF1333 had in the House, I believe the bill should pass easily.

I am surprised and encouraged not only with the level of support for these bills but the rapidity with which they have moved through the legislative process over the last few weeks. But realize it is a modest first step toward more comprehensive alimony reform. Still, I can only be encouraged that the time has finally come reduce some of the most glaring injustices within the family court system.

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