Saturday, October 8, 2016

Divorce Corp

This video is from about 3 years ago but is still quite relevant.

The thing that strikes me, and I mean that almost literally, is that even here the presumption is that the spouse receiving lifetime alimony was a homemaker. In my case, that was patently not true. The court appointed custody evaluator ruled parenting was joint during the marriage. Furthermore the vocational evaluator ruled that Spring could make just as much money as me if she wanted to. Yet, despite joint custody post marriage, I have to pay Spring massive alimony until the day I die. Spring basically left me because she lost interest in having a family and wanted easy money. Her lawyer assured her, quite correctly, that she could do so. All it would take is a bit of crime but there was essentially zero risk for them in that.

The result is that I am essentially a slave - I'm not sure what else you would call someone ordered by the government to work until death for the benefit of another. Furthermore, I can never retire or remarry as that would oblige my new spouse to pay alimony to Spring should I become disabled. That is not a risk, I am willing to take.

How is this all possible? Money. Divorce is a massive industry. An industry that makes money not by being efficient and fair but rather by being inefficient and unfair. Certainly there are many good family law lawyers and judges but there are far too many bad ones. Sadly, even the ones who act ethically themselves all too often ignore the crimes and injustices committed by their colleagues.

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