Sunday, April 22, 2018

Divorce and Suicide

Men commit suicide 3-4 times more than women and divorced men do so 8 times more than women. 

Richard Hashimashi explores why and comes up with 17 reasons:

  1. The ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Label
  2. Alienation And Estrangement From Children
  3. Financial Ruin
  4. Criminalization Of A Law Abiding Citizen
  5. Losing The Entire Structure Of Family Life And Home
  6. Being Declared Dangerous
  7. Needing A Supervisor
  8. Loss Of Total Identity
  9. Shock
  10. The Loss Of Reality
  11. Disgrace Kills, Not Divorce
  12. A Catastrophic Year Or More
  13. Loss Of Love And Affection
  14. No Support
  15. Negative Side Effects Of Antidepressants
  16. No Future
  17. From Dad To ‘Visitor’ ‘Him’

Let's see - How many of these apply to me?

Well clearly I was never a deadbeat parent, alienated from my children, lost my family structure or identity, lost love and affection (I gained this!) or became a visitor to my children. Indeed and ironically Spring is the one who likely felt these.

Certainly I have taken a financial hit, a huge one at that, but I have avoided financial ruin by working harder and harder. I have not taken any anti-depressants. And despite Spring's best efforts, her perjury failed to have me declared a criminal and I was never under supervision. 

Shock and the loss of reality are probably the two that most apply to me. I was shocked not only that Spring divorced me but even more so that she so easily committed fraud and perjury. She seems to lack even a rudimentary conscience.

Even worse is the surrealness of discovering that the family law system is so rife with corruption and criminality that justice, when it does occur, is essentially accidental. This I suspect is the major reason many, but mostly men and their children, turn to self-destructive behavior including suicide.

When the law condemns an innocent person to be the slave of their criminal persecutor until they die, death becomes an attractive option.  This is tragic but hardly surprising.

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