Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Darkest Hour

Not mine although sometimes I feel I am close. The subject refers to the movie, The Darkest Hour, which came out late last year. The movie is about Winston Churchill's accent to Prime Minster of the United Kingdom in 1940, the rapidly deteriorating war situation, and Churchill's struggles to inspire the country to continue the war effort rather than negotiate peace with the Nazis. Gary Oldman's performance as Churchill won him the Academy Award for Best Actor.

If it were not for Churchill's relentless pursuit of justice, our world would be a very different place than it is today.

Yet it was not easy for Churchill. He had doubts as to the best course of action. He made many tactical changes but he never wavered from his goal of justice.  He know the Nazis were brutal and barbaric. He knew no further negotiation with them was possible.

Like many if not most people, I take bits of movies, songs, books, poems, and quotes and relate them to my own life. It is remarkable that Winston Churchill's incredible leadership in defeating the Nazis could inspire me in my battles agaisnt crime and injustice with the family court system. But it does. It really does.

Never Surrender to the those who commit crimes agaisnt the innocent. Never Surrender to those who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of others.  Never Surrender to those who kill or cause to be killed people, including children, who have done nothing wrong.

See the movie if you have not. It may just inspire you as well.

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