Saturday, April 27, 2019

Scouts, Just Scouts!

Both my sons went through in Cub Scouts as well as spending a few years in Boy Scouts. I was a Cub den leader for several years.  I actually loved it but the fact that it was all boys irritated me quite a bit. Sure there are Girl Scouts (and they are a great organization) but they are definitely separate and not the same. 

Last year the Cub Scouts starting admitting girls and now the Scouts BSA program admits girls as well although for the later they are in separate girl troops. Still that is movement in the right direction. At some point in the future I expect they will become fully integrated.

A few years ago the Scouts gave up rules prohibiting gay adults and youth from participating.  And, contrary to what some people think, Scouting is not a Christian organization. In fact, the country with the largest number of Scouts is Indonesia.

Progress may be slower than we like but it is good to see some things are moving in the right direction.

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