Friday, August 23, 2019

More on Family Court Corruption

Stephen Krasner has a well-written article, A Broken System: Contempt of Family Court, on family court corruption and just how pernicious it is to society.

My believe is that family court has become one of the best places for those who lack a moral compass to operate. This includes litigants, lawyers, judges, mediators and a host of others who financially benefit from what is clearly criminal activity.  Why? Because the reward is high, the risk of being caught is vanishingly small, and the societal prestige great.
Family Courts display true clashes that pit the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law — in a manner that tears parents lives apart, harms children and financially ruins so many people while sustaining a thriving, corrupt and lucrative system.
The institutional corruption is a more mechanical environment that many players operate within and manipulate. The individual corruption is where players are willfully engaging in unethical motives — knowingly gaming the vulnerabilities found within the court’s infrastructure. 
Both types of corruption operate and thrive in family court environments as well as those industries and services stemming off them.

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