Sunday, June 28, 2020

South Carolina Alimony Reform

As I have often mentioned, most people just do not understand how alimony works. Nor how bad it is even when crime is not involved as in my case.  When I tell people that I have to pay alimony until I die, they often express disbelief that permanent even alimony exists.  This example from South Carolina says it all:
My 66 year old husband has been forced to pay alimony to a woman he married at age 19.  They were married 7 years and did not have any children.  Since their divorce, his ex-wife has lived continuously with the same man for almost 40 years!  South Carolina law still demands, from his divorce settlement, that he pay her for the rest of his life.  
What makes this all the more terrible is that my husband has advanced heart disease.  He has had numerous heart attacks and was forced to take disability from his job, that he loved, in 2011.  So, even though he has been disabled, he is still required to pay this woman.  All this while his ex wife and her boyfriend flaunt, in local articles, their wealth, European travel and hobbies.
This is as real as it gets. If you are in South Carolina, please support South Carolina Alimony Reform.

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