Sunday, July 18, 2021

New Site -

I have created an offshoot site to called which has the narrow purpose of informing the public of the unethical and criminal actions of several public officials related to my case. I dislike calling people out by name but the people in question, namely Ramsey county attorney John Choi, his criminal division director Richard Dusterhoft as well as judges William Leary III and Mark Ireland, have all acted with callus disregard to the law and principles of justice and equality under the law. They deserve to be removed from office for their actions if not outright prosecuted. Note that unlike, uses real name. 

The problem with corruption in the legal system goes way beyond family law. It is the reason bad cops like Derek Chauvin can remain as police officers despite a long history of using his position to abuse people. It is the justification people use to commit crimes - after all if the judges and lawyers who are suppose to ensure justice are themselves committing crimes and getting away with them why would we expect anyone to follow the law? Corruption in the legal system undermines the very foundation of our society. Sadly such corruption is so common it has become normalized within our system of justice. 

I hope my efforts will shed some light on how bad the situation is and motivate at least a few people to change the system for the better. Time will tell. 

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