Friday, September 24, 2021

Bad Or Just Nuts?

Sometimes I wonder about people. Are they bad or just nuts? A reader sent me an article from Jezebel titled, Here Are Some Good Reasons To Divorce Your Husband This Fall. The last sentence pretty much sums up the article:

Now, imagine spending a year and a half working full-time, caring for your child largely unaided, and doing the majority of chores while your husband occasionally congratulated himself on putting the dishes away. Wouldn’t you want a goddamn divorce too?

If I thought like the author, I might say something like: "Hey guys divorce your lazy non-working, non-working out wife who is a slob at home you are always picking up after and never does anything for or with the kids. It would be cheaper and better for the kids if you hire a nanny."

One annoying trait most humans have is to inaccurately and inappropriately judge a group based on limited, often single, experiences. Maybe the author of the Jezebel article had as bad of a husband as I had a wife but there is a huge difference between how it affected us. It hasn't made be an advocate for hate and prejudice. Hating men is just as bad as hating women (or blacks, Jews, Catholics, etc.) 

The reader who sent me the article said it would really get my motor running. Perhaps a bit but mostly it just makes me profoundly sad that people think this way. 

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