Friday, January 14, 2022

Slap On The Wrist

What happens when a lawyer takes money from a client for the purpose of bribing the police but then keeps the money for herself? Less than you would think. This is exactly what Woodburry, Minnesota lawyer Kristi McNeilly did. Her punishment was 180 days in the county workhouse, restitution of the money stolen and three years of probation from the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board. That's right, she still gets to practice law. 

Given that Nelly Wince committed blatant fraud in court and was rewarded by the court for it, I should be surprised McNeilly received any punishment at all. The Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board is an open joke. 

Furthermore, imagine what would happen to a 25 year old black man who stole $15,000 stating he was going to bribe the police with it? No doubt he would be put in jail for many, many years. 

Equality and justice in our legal system is illusionary.

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