Saturday, February 12, 2022

When Lawyers Criticize Judges

What happens when a lawyer criticizes a judge for inappropriate behavior?  More often than you think they are retaliated against. Because of this, attorneys are reluctant to ever speak out against judges no matter how bad they are. Which is a clear violation of the lawyers rules of professional conduct as the rules obligate attorneys to report misconduct. It is a vicious cycle of every increasing ethical and criminal acts within the justice system.  It is fosters a culture of corruption which becomes self-perpetuating. 

At the very least, the state of free speech in the legal profession in 2022 strongly counsels caution before a lawyer criticizes judges for their political leanings, integrity, intellect or motivation. 

I talked to a lawyer once about my case who said reporting ethical or criminal violations by fellow lawyers or judges in family court was career killing. It just isn't done despite the rules and law.

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