Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Broken Justice - Petition

Mamadou Diakité has a petition to reduce crime and corruption in family court. As he states:

My goal here is to lobby the U.S. Congress for the introduction of:

  1. a required continuing education addressing professional misconduct for Family Law attorneys.
  2. an adequate case management system and ethical and technical training for attorneys and judges in Family Law. 
  3. an easier way to report professional misconduct to the appropriate professional authority. 
  4. an attorney earnings cap in certain cases of Domestic Relation. 

Diakité, asserts, "statistics show that more money passes through Family Court than any other Court and the more the attorney charges, people are willing to pay because they think money equals skills. Family Court in the USA is a highly profitable business.  The only winners in these courts are the attorneys.  This is not what it was intended to be.  Let's change it!

Unethical attorneys' conduct and bad Family Court judgements leave family broke, emotionally and financially damaged.  Please sign my petition to help me make my case and indict the system; and hopefully make legislative changes to help improve the legal process to better serve the families that utilize it."

Diakité has written a book, Broken Justice, about his experience with family court. I have yet to read the book, but my guess is Diakité's experiencing is similar to mine as well as so many others. 

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