Thursday, June 16, 2022

An Analogy

While I was out walking an analogy popped out of nowhere into my head.  

Imagine you are walking through Target with your kids when a person with a pistol robs you and beats up both you and your children. A security guard sees the whole thing and grabs the robber. But then, inexplicably, the security officer lets the person go. All of this is captured on the video surveillance system. Later, you contact the police and they say there is no evidence the robber did anything, especially because the security officer didn't do anything.  

Now image you go to court and a lawyer commits fraud upon the court agaisnt you and your children right in front of the judge. Openly. The judge, who states he personally knows the lawyer, does nothing. You file a case with the Lawyers Professional Respectability Board and they, ignoring the evidence, do nothing. 

It is hard to believe the first scenario could ever happen. 

The second scenario is exactly what happened to me. 

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