Sunday, November 13, 2022

"IsA" Voting

Unfortunately, in elections there are many races where the incumbent has no challengers. The only option if you do not like the candidate is a write-in. In the election this week where I live not a single county judge had an opponent. Nor did John Choi in his bid to be reelected Ramsey County Attorney.  

I voted write-in candidates for three offices including county attorney and a judge.  In two of those elections, the incumbent ran unopposed.  Why? Because I simply can't vote for criminals

In essence, my vote was a protest vote. Now I could have written-in "Mickey Mouse" or my last dog's name but instead I used what I like to call the "IsA" method. Here is how it works:

  • Rather than John Choi for county attorney, I wrote in "Choi IsA Crook".
  • Rather than Mark Ireland for county judge, I wrote in "Ireland IsA Crook".

It puts a smile on my face. Humor is the best way to cope with adversity. 

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