Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Supreme Court is OK With Corruption

The Supreme Court is apparently OK with corruption

The first case centered on whether Joseph Percoco’s conduct in taking a $35,000 payment from a real estate developer when managing Cuomo’s re-election campaign in 2014 is covered by a federal law that requires that “honest services” be provided to the public. Percoco says that because he was not working for the government at the time, he had no duty to provide honest services.

The second case involves Louis Ciminelli, a real estate developer based in Buffalo, who was convicted of wire fraud for seeking to rig the bidding process for redevelopment contracts in the city. His lawyers argue that his conduct in ensuring that his company would be a preferred bidder, which involved trying to influence the selection criteria set by the state to benefit his company, did not rise to the level of fraud.

Justices seemed sympathetic to the defendants during both oral arguments. In Percoco's case, a majority of the nine justices appeared concerned that allowing nongovernment employees to be criminally charged would draw in other influential figures in the halls of power, such as lobbyists. Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch remarked that Washington is "full of such persons."

So I guess public officials taking bribes and bid rigging are jut fine because such crimes are so common. 

A lawyer recently told me that the issue with my case is not that my facts are in question nor is it that the law isn't clear. The issue is that such crimes are just so common the justice system ignores them. That my friends is called institutional corruption. It could well be the downfall of our country. 

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