Monday, January 23, 2023

Male Inequality

Most people have trouble have trouble admitting male inequity exists. Why? Because they are under the mistaken impression that male inequality somehow makes female inequality less bad. It is similar to when in an argument one person states something unrelated in response to another person's criticism.  Imagine a couple where one says, "You snore!" and the other replies, "Well you're a slob!"

I am a very science orientated person. I like facts. I like evidence. I like logic. Inequality which harms females exists. So does inequality which harms males.

Boys and men are falling behind. This might seem surprising to some people — and maybe ridiculous to others — considering that discussions on gender disparities tend to focus on the structural challenges faced by girls and women, not boys and men.

But long-term data reveal a clear and alarming trend: In recent decades, American men have been faring increasingly worse in many areas of life, including education, workforce participation, skill acquisition, wages, and fatherhood.

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