Sunday, February 5, 2023

Unequal Treatment

From a post on Reddit comes the surprising to some but obvious to many that there is a double standard when it comes to abuse assessments. 

Numerous studies show female perpetrators of emotional or psychological abuse against male victims have their abuse assessed as less serious than the reverse, despite abuse being identically described. This trend even holds true with professional practising psychologists.

My ex-wife made direct allegations of abuse in writing during the divorce. Oddly she completely denied these when asked in court. My belief is that the allegations were actually written by her lawyer  and she just signed the document because her lawyer just told that was the best course to get money. 

The only one who was ever abusive physically or emotionally was my ex-wife. In fact if I had committed the actions she had, I have no doubt I would have gone to jail. What did she get for her perjurious statements? Massive amounts of money. Crime pays in court. 

Some of the comments made to the Reddit posting:

  • I was temporarily staying with a buddy. He and his wife got into a nasty fight and he came and got me and said we gotta get out of here. We went to a hotel. His wife showed up there making a scene in the lobby and parking lot. Cops never came, hotel staff kicked him out.

If the roles were reversed, the cops would have come right away and arrested him, and charged him with domestic violence or something. Hotel would have done anything to keep him away from her.

It's absolutely a double standard out there.

      • I've literally been told, to my face, that my ex couldn't be abusive because she was a woman. I've had other women sympathize with me wholeheartedly and then retract it immediately when I clarified that I'm a lesbian. It's so heartbreaking to know that men are taken even less seriously as victims.
      • It's not just psychologists. Nearly every person on the planet see's it that way. Try being a male telling other people about being abused by your female partner. You'll be lucky if your not 'cancelled' amongst your social group.

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