Thursday, July 13, 2023

Wow - Florida Finally Reforms Alimony

After years of trying, Florida has finally reformed it's alimony laws. In essence, they have eliminated permanent alimony.  Reform bills have passed the legislature three times previously only to be vetoed by either current governor Ron DeSantis or former governor Rick Scott. 

Sometimes persistence matters. 

The new law eliminates permanent alimony and sets up a formula for alimony amounts based on the length of marriage. It also sets a five year limit on rehabilitative alimony. Both of these are quite reasonable and, somewhat surprisingly, had the support of the Florida Bar's Family Law Section.

The idea that somehow after a marriage ends and after dividing assets equally, one party is required by the courts to  pay the other is simply sexist. Because it is almost always women who receive the alimony it simply perpetuates the notion that women are less capable than men and need to be supported by men. The concept of alimony is sexist at its core. Many feminists agree

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