Wednesday, October 4, 2023

I ran across an interesting article highlighting some of the "dirty tricks" used in the divorce process. Although far from complete as it doesn't include the various tactics, both legal and illegal, used by lawyers in their own self-interest, it does provide an interesting review of some of the things anyone going through a divorce should be aware of.  

Below is the list. There is more detail in the linked article. 

I. “Trial Separation.”

II. “Forget What the Papers Say, I’ll Do This or That”

III. “Let’s Move to Alaska: after You Find Us a Place, I’ll Come Join You with the Kids.”

IV. Dismiss Case When You Start Losing, Then Try Again Later

V. Moving Family & Friends into Marital Home During Divorce

VI. Scheduling Activities Over the Other Parent's Parenting Time

VII. “Oh By the Way, Kid #3 Isn’t Yours.”

VIII. “Please Answer the Phone. I promise I Won't Report it as an OFP Violation.”

IX. Emptying Joint Bank Accounts.

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