Sunday, December 17, 2023

Money Won't Solve It

Many people understand there is a crisis in family courts across the country. Unfortunately the solution many, often self-servingly, advocate is throwing more money into the system and hiring more people to work in it

This would only make the problem worse. 

The reality is family court judges barely work. The amount of time they spend in chambers is minuscule and most of their decisions are written by one of the attorneys in the case or a clerk. It is a complete myth they are overworked. 

As for the time they spend in so called deliberations, I suspect it is all done in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. 

Divorce attorneys have a similar lifestyle. Perhaps many of them really believe they work hard but I have never seem one who would survive a job requiring anything approaching real work. 

Many countries, most notable the Scandinavian ones, spend a small fraction of what we do on family courts yet are much more efficient and, most importantly, far more fair and just. We should just do what they do. 

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