Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Sexual Misconduct By Lawyers

More evidence lawyers are often treated as being above the law, NPR reports sexual misconduct allegations against lawyers isn't uncommon. but punishment is tricky.

I would wager committing fraud in family law cases takes the top spot for crimes committed by lawyers but sexual misconduct I suspect is right up there. The reality is that lawyers are often de facto immune when committing crimes and other unethical acts so, guess what? Many do so. 

Do you think people used to committing and getting away with fraud, are more or less likely to commit acts of sexual misconduct? Many people, including many lawyers, tell me the crimes committed by lawyers in my case are just the way the system works. They think fraud is no big deal. They are wrong. People who commit fraud are way more likely to commit other types of crime including sexual ones. 

We have laws to ensure a fair and just society. When those laws are not enforced equitably, all crime increases.  

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