Jon Wurst

I resisted getting a lawyer for a long time as I really did not believe that the divorce would actually happen. But when Spring restated the divorce suit after walking out on the last counselor (the third one she had done so), I had no choice. I engaged Jon Wurst, supposedly a top divorce attorney. Although I specifically told him I expected him to handle the case himself (I was advised to do this by a relative who was a lawyer) he ended up convincing me that his associate Jamie Jensen should take the lead because Spring's attorney, Nelly Wince, was a woman. And, Jon assured me, he would act as the senior lawyer. This should have given me a clue how dysfunctional the legal systems was but I followed his advice.

Jon was almost a stereotype slime-ball lawyer. I only wish I had not been so blind to it at the time. Jon sympathized with he. He listened. He racked up billable hours. Only gradually did I realize he was also lying to me extensively. He did this on numerous occasions but I'll just mention two here.

Under pressure from Spring and her mother I purchased her mother's home and property in a small town in Wisconsin. Spring's mother was given a life estate which meant that she had the right to live there as long as she was able to and desired to. I actually loved the place. It was in a small town with numerous biking and hiking trails nearby and a nice outdoor municipal pool where I loved to swim and dive with the kids. I had always led an active life so the place fit me well. In our early discussions I had asked Jon if the life estate reduced the value of the property. He claimed he had checked with one the firm's experts and said no, it would not matter. Later on acted as if this had never happened.

On another occasion, Jon lied in a way that was so blatant that he couldn't even deny it. He actually told me that unless I had it on tape it didn't matter. This from an attorney whose law firm I had spent approximately $80,000 with already. He then dropped me as client. Neither Jon nor the firm's partners ever addressed my concerns in any in any meaningful way despite my repeated letters to them.

Jon is a guy who makes a lot of money without doing a lot of work. Sadly, scammers who prey on the misfortunes of others have been around since humans became humans and probably well before that.

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