Saturday, June 14, 2014

Patent Trolls - a Glimmer of Hope

I have commented on patent trolls before as I believe their extortive patent lawsuits are, like the our family law/divorce system, an area of rampant injustice and criminal activity within our legal system. And like the divorce system it seems for every two steps forward there is 1.9 backward. A post I wrote on a recent setback in the U. S. Senate was also the subject of an article. The article contains a quote by Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Ramierz which gives me some hope:
"[f]laws in the patent system are likely fueling much of the real costs associated with PAE [PAE = Patent Assertion Entity = Patent Toll] activities. ...effective monetization of low quality patents imposes a de facto tax on productive economic activity with little or no offsetting benefit for consumers. High litigation costs add to the problem by allowing PAEs to coerce targets to pay license or settlement fees that are detached from the economic value of the patents at issue. In short, PAEs exploit underlying problems in the patent system to the detriment of innovation and consumers."
Recognition of the problem is the first step. Justice can only be achieved, whether in the divorce or patent systems, if people understand the reality and extent of current injustice and the horrible human and economic costs of such corrupt behavior. This site exists to bring to light such corruption. 

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