Friday, June 27, 2014

Rational vs. Gullible

Jayne O'Donnell had an through-provoking article titled, "Voices: Inflating stories about victims," in USA Today recently. The article highlights the danger of blindly believing sad or heart-wrenching stores without rationally analyzing them. Too often swindlers use such stories to fraudulently extract money from people. Not only are they criminally taking money from the victims but they are depriving legitimate charities and those they serve, who have a true need of assistance, by diverting money from good causes to line their own pockets. Add they hurt everyone due to that the fact that the swindlers, by living a parasitical life, contribute nothing to the economy and thus burden everyone else with supporting them. Want lower taxes? Get rid of the swindlers.

And how is this different from what Spring and Nelly Wince did? Answer: It's not.  Spring and Wince from the beginning went down this path. They lied about me being abusive, lied about Spring not being able to find work, lied about Spring's relationship with the children, and lied about how much housework she did. At the temporarily hearing Judge Vaguely initially gave Spring temporary custody of the children. He didn't even talk to the children but just took her at her word.  It wasn't until the custody evaluator's investigation was complete, and he talked to the children, that this was changed. The only difference from the scams detailed in O'Donnell's article and what Spring and Wince did is that those in the article have been punished. Spring and Wince got away with their scam. 

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