Friday, May 8, 2015

xkcd on Marriage

xkcd, one of the best comics out there, has a chart on marriage:

which shows that the majority of Americans did not support interracial marriage until the mid-1990s, a full 30 years after banning it was made illegal nationwide by the Supreme Court. Same-sex marriage, however, is still banned in many states despite the fact that the majority of people have believed it should be legal for some years now.

The Court used to lead public opinion on social justice, now if lags far behind.

Although I cannot find relevant polls, I think it is a good bet that the majority of people turned against permanent alimony about the same time as they decided it was okay for women to be doctors. Especially in cases like mine where parenting during the marriage was ruled as joint, custody was joint, an employment evaluation stated the person receiving alimony could make just as much money as the person paying, and there is overwhelming evidence of the most heinous fraud.

It would be nice if the Court caught up.

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