Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Family Court Corruption

Don't believe Family Court is corrupt? Watch this:

The comments by the Clinton, New Jersey divorce lawyer John W. Thatcher are especially telling:
"When you have money, when you have assets, and when you have big income these big firms have absolutely positively no interest in resolving your case, even if you want to. Everybody in the matrimonial business, all the lawyers are buddies. Everybody knows everybody. So if you and I are opposing matrimonial lawyers and Joe Schmo comes in with millions of dollars, you and I are like, you and I go back to the Mercedes dealership and buy another car. We know we're going to make huge dollars and we work it with each other that way."
As I have emphasized in the past, not every divorce lawyer and judge is corrupt but because the system itself rewards those that are, corrupt lawyers and judges are quite common. Common to the point that the divorce system can rightly be classified as institutionally corrupt.

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