Monday, September 14, 2015

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Beyer On International Justice

In an NPR interview with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Beyer on a his new book, "The Court and the World," that I head this morning, Justice Beyer made the comment:
"I began to understand the important divisions in the world are not on the basis of race or nationality or country or where you live," Breyer said. "They are really between people who believe in a rule of law as a way of deciding significant issues and those who do not believe in a rule of law — who believe in force."
With all due respect Justice Beyer is only 2/3 correct. The missing 1/3 is people who believe in the pretense of rule by law in order to achieve financial and socioeconomic advantage over others. In short - they believe in corruption.

This site as well as many others make it clear that corruption is rampant in Family Court within the United States.  How else can you explain why I have to pay a massive amount of alimony to Spring despite a less that  20 marriage and the fact that she is college educated and an employment evaluation determined she could make just as much money as me, joint parenting during the marriage (as determined by the custody evaluator), joint custody post marriage, strong evidence Spring committed perjury, and absolute evidence her lawyer lied in court. Not to mention that she is the one who divorced me.

I know an Indian living in the U.S. whose husband left her when she was pregnant. In order to get sole custody of her child she went to India and bribed a judge to gain exclusive custody of the child her husband had abandoned.  It is ironic that by simply paying an above board bribe she was able to achieve justice. I have been punished because I did the right thing both during my marriage and during the divorce process. My reward for doing what is right is that now every day I have go to work for the benefit of those who committed crimes. Where is my justice? Where is justice for my kids?

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