Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Consequences Of Corruption

Yassin Yusuf spent 53 months in jail for sex trafficking before he was let out because he didn't do it. According to an appeals court document, the court admonished St. Paul Officer Heather Weyker, citing the lower court's belief that Weyker "likely exaggerated or fabricated important aspects of this story ... the District Court caught Weyker lying to the grand jury, and later, lying during a detention hearing."

But I wonder what the full story is. The County Attorney has been on a very public mission to combat sex-trafficking. I don't think anyone would say that is bad. But it seems that guilt isn't one of his criteria for sending people to jail. Either he is so incompetent that he missed the fact that Officer Weyker lied or he was involved in the deception.

Meanwhile he continues to criminally cover up crimes by his friends and colleges. Maybe the County Attorney should be the one spending some time in jail.

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