Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Consequences Of Corruption - Update

Following up on my last post, The Consequences Of Corruption,Federal authorities have now dismissed charges against the remaining defendants in sex-trafficking case due to fabrications by investigators.
“Everybody in the world prejudged these guys as the devil incarnate, and there was nothing to it,” Wolf said. “It’s like the Salem witch trials. It’s the same crap. People make allegations, it rolls down the hill. They weren’t witches. These guys weren’t devils. All built on lies.”
The County Attorney loves to talk about his crusade agaisnt sex traffickers. He views it as politically beneficial to prosecute the dregs of societies, especially of they are poor immigrates who cannot hope to defend themselves. Whether they are guilty or not is of minor importance. 

However, when it comes to his friends and colleges committing the most blatant crimes, he doesn't just turn a blind eye to it, he actively, and quite corruptly, works to cover it up. 

I can only hope that the Feds come down as hard on him as he has on others. 

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