Saturday, October 14, 2017

Harvey Weinstein - Hope in the Midst of Ugly

The recent revelations of the ugly and bizarre behavior of the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein are somewhat surreal. It is hard to believe a paunchy man in is 60s would ask a woman in her 20s to watch him shower as several women have reported he did. The number of woman accusing him of sexual harassment and even rape is staggering. The evidence is overwhelming. The strangest part is that the accusers seemingly came forward all at once. But that is not really true. For decades there have been complaints against Weinstein. So why did this all come out now? Several reasons:

  • Many women who complained or threatened to complain were paid off. To get the money,  they agreed to keep quite and withdrawal any complaints. 
  • Other women just let it go. We are talking Hollywood after all. 
  • Some women, mind boggingly, actually started going out with Weinstein and even had consensual sex with him after they were raped. 
  • Other women did go public and accuse Weinstein of wrongdoing. However their complaints never quite got the public's attention. 
It is this last point that gives me hope. 

Maybe just maybe the day will come where people understand that Nelly Wince, the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board and many others like them routinely commit crimes within the legal system. Crimes that hurt the innocent, precipitate violence, and lead to many deaths. Maybe someday justice will be served. 

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