Sunday, October 8, 2017

What To Do?

As my kids get older and justice (actually ending injustice as real justice is near impossible) seems distant and unlikely, my thoughts keep turning to forcing the issue as I have discussed before.

The situation I am in is just unbelievable. So many people have not only committed crimes against me but they committed them openly. I have all the evidence anyone could ask for but it does me no good.

The plan my thoughts keep coalescing around involve a petition to the court asking for an immediate end to alimony. In not granted, then once my kids are on their own, which will be a few years, I will quit my job and take an highly public stance against the people who have committed crimes agaisnt me. This may include:

  • Protests at the court house and offices of the guilty individuals. If arrested I would refuse to eat and go back to protesting once released from jail. With enough media attention I might even be able to get the ACLU involved.
  • A vigorous media campaign, social and traditional, where I would name names and provide details.  Although I am not sure I would use Spring's real name. 
  • If all else fails, go on a hunger strike until alimony is ended and, because I would have basically become unemployable, significant restitution is make. 
If I have to die then I die. It is better to die for a good cause than live as a victim. It is better to give your life to make the world better and help others than live cowardly. 

I really do not make a good victim. 

And deep down, I feel quite guilty that I have not taken forceful enough action to change a system that operates in such a corrupt manner. Unlike most others, I have evidence. Really good unquestionable evidence. People are suffering. Someone has to step up to the plate. Someone has to do the right thing. 

My next step is to find a lawyer. If I cannot fine an ethical one who would want to work on the case, I will be forced to work pro se. 

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