Sunday, November 19, 2017

Family Court Corruption

Corruption in the family court system doesn't get a lot of press but that is changing. Stephen Krasner in the Huffington Post writes about A Broken System: Contempt Of Family Court.
"The term “Family Court” is designed to portray itself as a judicial institution that looks out for the best interest of a child — the overwhelming reality for many is the discovery that the name of the court — like the industry and players that stem from it (judges, divorce lawyers, mediators, custody evaluators and Title IV-D beneficiaries) — is often a wolf in sheep’s clothing."

At present it is quite easy to commit all sort of truly heinous actions and crimes within the family court system. The emotional power high such people receive from abusing innocents as well as the immense financial rewards come with little to no risk. This is similar to the situation that a bad cop was in a few years ago. Or people like Harvey Weinstein a few months ago. But times do change. Once the general public realizes the harm done to so many innocents including the loss of life, the massive cost to tax payers and the damage done to the economy caused by corruption within family court the situation may change very quickly.
"The institutional corruption is a more mechanical environment that many players operate within and manipulate. The individual corruption is where players are willfully engaging in unethical motives — knowingly gaming the vulnerabilities found within the courts infrastructure.
Both types of corruption operate and thrive in family court environments as well as those industries and services stemming off them."

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  1. WTH are you talking about “it’s changing”.??? NOTHING has changed for dads in 50 years. We are so stupid. We see one article or one superstar complain and we think there is a movement. The ONLY chance a dad has is to fight like I did WITHOUT a lawyer when I got full custody of daughter at age 7 months. #.HowiGotCustody